Wednesday, 30 January 2013

'I Give It a Year' Movie Review

Last night I attended a preview showing of a new rom-com starring Minnie Driver, Rose Byrne and Stephen Merchant, among others. I Give It a Year sees the life of a newly-wed couple unravel in an incredibly witty and clever storyline. This comes as no surprise as it was born from the minds that created Love Actually, Bridget Jones's Diary and Borat!
The leading man is played by Rafe Spall, some of you may recognise him from his small part in One Day opposite Anne Hathaway as well as recent Oscar-nominated Life of Pi. Australian-born Rose Byrne, of Bridesmaids fame, plays the female lead. The two play off each other brilliantly and put it stellar performances as a couple struggling with married life.
Already a fan of Stephen Merchant having seen his stand up live, I was interested to see how he portrayed the token 'best friend'. His humour and inappropriate anecdotes were one of my favourite parts of the movie and can only be described as hilarious! Minnie Driver also delivers clever one-liners as the cynical older sister.
On the whole, a great, heart-warming tale of the trials and tribulations of married life and ultimately finding the one. I highly recommend it!

I Give It a Year is released across the UK on February 8th

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