Saturday, 30 June 2012

Two Sorrys and One Sample Sale

Oh hi! Fancy seeing you here! Firstly I'd like to apologise for my absence, I have been super busy, what with being an intern and all (plus I've just come back from Las Vegas - Best. Holiday. Ever. Just saying...). My second apology is for the lack of posting about aforementioned intern-ing. I seem to remember saying something along the lines of 'Keep an eye out for some behind-the-scenes gossip' or something... But truthfully I'm not sure what I'm allowed to make public. The fashion industry is rife with copy-cats and down-right thieves so a lot of designers' business is shrouded in secrecy, and I am not about to lift that iron curtain! Being fired from my first internship would not look good on the C.V. 
This brings me to the next part of my post. One thing that I can share with you is what I got up to on Thursday evening; I experienced my first sample sale.

HPR London held the sample sale at their London showroom with offerings from Liz Black (who I intern for) as well as some of their other clients' and their beautiful garments.

Below are some photos from the night (taken on my phone so please excuse the poor quality).

Liz Black

Charlie May

To Be Adored

{ eugene.lin }

 My favourite of the night was Eugene Lin; a great designer and a nice guy. I loved his prints, the cut of his jackets and the story behind his designs.

An integral part of a brands marketing is the lookbook. I managed to pick some up on the night, for three of the designers. All featured some great photography and provide an insight into the brands style and ethos. Take a look for your selves...

{ eugene.lin }

(An example of the amazing prints I mentioned before)

To Be Adored


(One of my favourite looks of the entire sample sale. Simply gorgeous)

What do you guys think of the designers? Have you been to a sample sale recently?
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